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Increase your annual business by booking orders 24/7.

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Make it convenient for your customers to buy from you.

How Sample Hall App works for Sellers

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Advantages for Manufacturers / Wholesalers / Suppliers:

  • Connect with new retailers & resellers online first & then build relations with them offline. Invite them to your office or visit them to increase your business with them.
  • No need to block your inventory for online sales. We will send you the Buyer’s Order Form with their contact details. You can generate your Invoice based on stock availability.
  • Instead of you chasing buyers, they'll automatically come and place orders to you if they like your designs.
  • Opportunity to grow your business with orders pouring in 24*7.
  • Sell your ready stock, take repeat orders or clear unsold inventory at a discount.
  • Boost your customer loyalty by making it convenient for them to buy from you.
  • Upload products and manage orders through mobile or desktop. To do so from your desktop, login to our website: https://seller.samplehall.com
  • Add photos or short videos of your products.
  • Create your own color chart.
  • Create PDF files or catalogues to share with your existing buyers on WhatsApp.
  • One account for your entire Sales team to ensure seamless coordination for executing orders.
Sample Hall
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How Sample Hall App works for Buyers

Install the App

View Products & Connect with Suppliers

Place your Order!

Advantages for Retailers / Online Resellers

  • Easily find new suppliers of fashion apparel.
  • Book orders conveniently from anywhere, anytime.
  • Save time and money since you no longer have to travel to find new suppliers.
  • Get more time with your customers and boost your sales by cutting down travel.
  • Less travel = More time with your customers = More sales.
  • Hassle-free experience, as you can view the collection of different suppliers on a single platform.
  • Easy to involve your sales team in purchase-related decisions.
  • Keep your customers coming back for more with the latest fashion since you can order online more frequently.
  • Never let your customers go back disappointed if their favorite item is out of stock, as you can reorder instantly.
  • Resell online on WhatsApp, Facebook, Flipkart, Amazon or any other shopping website.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Earlier, our team used to call buyers whose leads we would get from IndiaM**T. It was very time consuming & required a lot of effort. Multiple suppliers would call the same buyer again & again. The buyer would also get irritated. Sample Hall solves that problem very well. Now, we do not need to call anyone to make a sale. Buyers simply view our products on Sample Hall and place order. We get their Order Form with their contact details & we call them just to discuss the payment & logistics. This has saved us so much time & effort. Thank you, Sample Hall.

Sumit Dang Director, Sodagar Apparel

We used to sell online on ecommerce portals. The problem was that they require us to block inventory for many days. This was not feasible for us, as our existing customers also visit our factory often. I cannot say no to my existing customer, who is paying me instantly and block the inventory for ecommerce portals. Sample Hall generates Order Form & does not require us to block inventory. I can create invoice based on stock availability. This really helps me balance my offline & online sale.

Vaibhav Aggarwal Managing Director, Aayana Fashions

Sample Hall has helped us showcase our products & attract new buyers/retailers. Our agents now visit them offline also. This has helped us build relations with them & increased our business tremendously.

Karan Gupta Director, Gupta Apparel

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We connect you with relevant buyers/suppliers & generate their Order Form online. Along with their Order Form, we give you the contact details of that buyer/supplier, so that you can speak with each other & mutually decide your payment & shipment terms.
We understand that in B2B, suppliers need to manage both online & offline sales. If an article, whose order you received online, has just been sold out offline, then you can easily create an invoice for the available inventory & share that with the buyer.
No. Sellers do not need to block their inventory at all. That is why we generate an Order Form and not an Invoice 😊
Sellers will receive the Order Form in their registered email & also in their ‘Orders Received’ section within the Sample Hall app.
Yes. Once you Connect online, you would be given the contact details of each other, so you could call them & even visit them offline. We understand that connecting online & building relations offline would help you grow your business. That is why we share their contact details with you😊
Yes. Sellers can set their profile to ‘Private’ from the ‘Settings’ section within their app .Once you do that, Buyers would need your permission to view your collection. You can also allot limited time to those Buyers, e.g. 2 days, 5 days, etc.
Sellers can upload unlimited products. You can upload products through the Sample Hall app or through our website: https://seller.samplehall.com
Yes. Sample Hall lets you create your own Color and Size Chart. Once you have created these charts, while uploading new products, you can simply select the colors and/or sizes available in it. Buyers would also place orders accordingly.
Yes. All you need to do is ensure that everybody has installed the Sample Hall app in their smart phones and have logged-in using the same Mobile Number and Password.

Sample Hall App is available on all devices

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