Why Sample Hall

No Need to Travel

Eliminate the need to travel for booking orders & save on the expenses incurred.

Boost Your Sales

Increase your annual business by booking orders 24/7.

Hassle Free Ordering

Make it convenient for your customers to buy from you.

How Sample Hall App works for Sellers

Install the App

Upload your Products

Get Buyer Leads!

Advantages For Sellers

  • Be found by buyers looking for what you sell.
  • Get in touch with buyers, book samples, sell your ready stock and take repeat orders any time.
  • No more visiting different buyers in different cities for door-to-door bookings. Now you can save big!
  • No more chasing buyers! They'll themselves view your collection once their inventory is low or exhausted.
  • Clear unsold stock easily at discounted rates.
  • Gain customer loyalty by making the entire order booking process super convenient for buyers.
  • No risk of your latest designs being copied. Buyers cannot save, share or take screenshots of your collection. You decide who can view your collection and for how long.
  • Manage your orders and upload photos or short videos of your products from your desktop or phone.
  • Upload product videos in your local/regional language for better engagement.
  • Create categories, color and size charts relevant to your business.
  • Create catalogues to share with buyers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram etc.
  • Ensure seamless coordination across your team to upload products and execute orders.
  • Tremendous scope for growth with orders coming in 24*7.
Sample Hall
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How Sample Hall App works for Buyers

Install the App

Search for Products & Connect with Suppliers

Place your Order!

Advantages For Buyers

  • Find new suppliers to meet your unmet needs.
  • Book orders conveniently from anywhere, anytime.
  • Save time and money spent on traveling to meet different suppliers by booking orders online.
  • Get more time with your customers and boost your sales by cutting down travel.
  • View the collections of all your suppliers on a single platform.
  • Show products and related information to your sales team and involve them in purchase-related decisions.
  • Place smaller orders more frequently and delight your customers with the latest collection.
  • No more out-of-stock situations as you can place orders instantly and get stock refills.
  • No need to block money in huge inventory. Enjoy better cash flow by ordering as per your sales ratio.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We are into manufacturing of women's clothing, with customers all over the country. Since the fashion keeps changing, Sample Hall has really helped us showcase our latest collection to our customers digitally & book orders without the need to travel. Frequent ordering by customers has also increased our business.

Sumit Dang Director, Sodagar Apparel

Earlier, our Sales Reps used to visit over 400 retailers every month with our physical catalogue. It was an expensive exercise. Now, our customers can easily view our entire variety online and place orders, at the time of their convenience. Repeat ordering has increased tremendously. We are very happy with the response we have got from Sample Hall.

Vaibhav Aggarwal Managing Director, Aayana Hardware Industries

We have a wide range of products. It is practically impossible to carry it all to our retailers. Sample Hall has helped us build our digital showroom, where our customers can visit and place orders online. This has made our life easy!

Karan Gupta Director, Gupta Furnishings

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will have full control over it. Once the Buyer sends you a request to connect, you can choose to ‘Allow’ or ‘Reject’. Only after you ‘Allow’, will the Buyer be able to view your products and place orders. You can also delete any Buyer from the ‘Buyers’ section of your app, anytime.
Yes. The motive is to make it absolutely easy for your Buyers to place orders anytime they want. As a retailer, nothing is more frustrating than losing a customer due to stock out. With Sample Hall, your buyer can instantly place order when the inventory is low or out of stock. Also, we will notify them as and when you upload new products, thereby getting them to order more.
Buyers can easily search for you & send you a request to connect, just like a Friend’s Request sent on Facebook.
Absolutely! When a buyer wants to view your products, he would first see the list of ‘Categories’ that you have created. Upon selecting a Category, relevant products would be shown. The buyer can scroll up to view the entire range & simply place orders for what he wants or likes.
No. We only facilitate online order booking between buyers and suppliers who already deal with each other offline and have their payment terms and logistics in place.
You can upload unlimited number of products, create unlimited number of categories and invite/connect with unlimited number of buyers.
Sample Hall lets you create your own Color and Size Chart, which is relevant to your product/industry. Once you have created these charts, while uploading a new product, you can simply select the colors and/or sizes available in it or add new ones.
To ensure privacy of your creations, we have disabled sharing, screenshots and screen recording of products. Now, showcase your collection without the fear of your designs being copied.
You will get the order form in PDF format within the Sample Hall app and in your Email.
Yes. All you need to do is ensure that everybody has installed the app in their smart phones and have logged-in using the same Mobile Number and Password.

Sample Hall App is available on all devices

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