What is Sample Hall

Sample Hall is a ‘Conversational Commerce’ platform, where buyers and sellers can chat and directly deal with each other.

We believe that the best way for Sellers to understand their customers, personalize their offerings, win confidence and build life-long relations, is by chatting with them. Chatting also helps Buyers clear their doubts and get all the information required to make the right purchase decisions. This is a win-win situation for both Buyers and Sellers.

Why Shop on Sample Hall

We all know that there are so many Instagram Sellers who have really great & unique products that we would love to have. But we are just not connected with them. Sample Hall helps you connect with those amazing Sellers, view their products and shop from them using WhatsApp.

How Sample Hall App works

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Why Sell on Sample Hall

No Commission

We do not charge any commission on sale.

No Need to Block Inventory

You do not need to block your inventory separately for online sales.

Direct Customer Relations

Build direct relations with your customers and retain them for life.

User Friendly Screens

What Our Customers Are Saying

I run a boutique in New Delhi. Since the time I have registered with Sample Hall, customer queries have increased tremendously and my business has also increased. Thank you to the entire team of Sample Hall.

Riya Gupta

I am from Chandigarh. Thanks to Sample Hall, I have been getting new customers from different parts of the country. I love the simplicity of this app & how easy it is to use.

Shweta’s Boutique

I love shopping. I found some very good boutiques here that provide outfits as per my taste. Now I don’t have to waste time looking elsewhere. Sample Hall is just the right app for someone who wants stylish & elegant designs.


Sample Hall App is available on all devices

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